The dangers of indoor chemical pollution


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Researched and authored by William Howard of Seguin, Texas, Silent Menace is a service to share with others not only the concerns of unregulated indoor chemical air pollution, but to help to protect those who cannot speak for themselves.  Those in this category include children in day care centers, babies who are unknowingly poisoned by their mothers' overuse of perfume (because of loopholes in the chemical industry, fragrance ingredients are not required to be listed, even if their chemical makeup has been classified as toxic), the unborn whose mothers work in offices polluted by photocopier fumes or anyone subjected to indoor chemical poisoning.
Silent Menace
encourages you to research indoor chemical pollution and to educate others, particularly those in charge of introducing hazardous chemicals and by-products into your home, workplace, day care center, schools and businesses.  
If Silent Menace can help, please don't hesitate to ask.  PDF articles posted on are available for $10 each.  If Silent Menace doesn't know the answer to any concerns, we'll do our best to direct you to someone who may be able to help.
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